(Not so) monthly update, where did that time go?

I was loudly complaining (loudly) about the winter weather to a friend the other day but mentioned how at least our water bill has drooped. It then sparked my interest in how much our water bill goes up over the summer. Lawns need to be kept green, and plants want to stay alive. Children want to run under the sprinkler all day long. All that fantastic Australia summer goodness that we know and love.

Much like everyone at the moment, we are looking to save some dollars where we can.

I asked Ben for a suggestion on water saving this summer.

  • Switch to a water-efficient shower head. A showerhead must use 9L of water or less per minute to be considered water efficient. And by switching over, you can save anywhere from 10-20 Liters of water a year. We have a few options available if this is something you want to get on top off.
  • Try to limit showering times. Spring mornings are cold, and we are not one to ask you to get out of your toasty warm shower. However, 4 minutes is just enough to keep the water bill down in summer. Pick a song, have a shower concert, and then jump out.
  • Did you know you can book a free Spring Sprinkler check with Water Corp? Follow the link before to get someone sent out to ensure your sprinklers are not costing you a small fortune.

Spring Sprinkler Check | Perth and Peel (watercorporation.com.au)


Apprentice update 

We have recently put Cory, to work in our community.
The local school needed a hand with some mowing, so we called him in extra early and put him to work.
He and Ben finished up and hit the road for the day. (no doubt grabbing a tradies breakfast from the servo also).

If you've stuck with us this far, we would love your help with one final thing.

In a business such as ours, referrals and reviews from clients are extremely helpful, and if you have the time, we would love to read your review on either www.facebook.com/BradyPlumbing or Google Reviews, found below

Google Reivew

From Ben, Amy and the team.

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